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What is Developer Overload?



Front End Engineer

If you're reading this, you're probably wondering how you came across my site, or why, and what's the purpose? There are a lot of different answers to be honest.

  1. This serves as my blog to document what I learn in web development. I can show what I know, share what I've learned, what mistakes I've made so you can avoid them and so on. It lets potential clients and potential hiring managers see my process and my work.
  2. It allows me to teach what I have learned, which reinforces what I know and sharpens my own skills. It is my goal and my hope to have helped at least a handful of others that are like me, or are in a similar situation to where I was when I started.
  3. It's also a place to unwind and look at things outside of the tech world. Too often it's driven in that you must be obsessed with development, live it, eat it, breathe it and sleep it. It's toxic and does not contribute to better work. For myself, the ability to code is simply another tool in the toolbelt to get any job at hand done either faster, better, or both, as well as automate some boring stuff. But I can't spend my life soaking in everything there is to know about it. I enjoy too much outside world and video games to do just this.
  4. It's a form of release. I've always been more on the creative side, from music to art to writing, this helps feed that need.

All in all it's entertainment at the very least. If it doesn't entertain you, maybe it does someone else. If no one, it entertains myself! It provides mental clarity and helps deload all the nonsense in my brain too. We have limited brain power with technology and tools to help ease that, so that is what I'm doing.


In the learning section I will build out definitions, basics, instructions and tutorials. This is much like any other site, though rather than having a built in IDE it will require you to use something like Atom or VS Code. It will require you to learn to use Git, GitHub, GitLab or whatever you choose. Outside of instruction and tutorials, I will also set up guided projects, in which I will provide some loose format or wireframe, give some expectations on what should be built, and give you freedom to build it however you see fit. On top of tutorials (which offer a ton of hand-holding), these do not, they are yours to be creative with and solve, and can serve as some solid portfolio pieces.


The blog section is going to have a lot of mix. There will be technical topics as well as how I build a cheap-o at-home forge, what I'm practicing or learning on guitar, what song I just wrote, what art I just created, what I'm doing in the gym (I will geek out on fitness, physiology, biology etc.) and more! This is the place to deload, step away from the tech world as much as possible and just...enjoy life.

This site is going to go through many iterations over time. I have no plans to beat out quick deliverables. It will be slow progress, but progress nonetheless. If you stick around, I hope you enjoy the content, I hope you learn from it, and I hope it serves you well!

Lessons, Tutorials and Guided Projects are soon to come, so stay tuned!