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Basic Dev Tools

A short list of must haves after installing and setting up Git.


Free, tons of customization, built-in Git. My editor of choice for most situations.

Also free, fairly equal to VS Code.

Extensions for VS Code#

Extensions make life easier. While others may be added in over time or removed depending on needs, must haves are:

  • Auto Close Tag - Automagically add HTML/XML close tags, saves a lot of time!
  • Bracket Pair Colorizer - Colorize your brackets to easily match them up
  • DotENV - Adds support for dotenv file syntax
  • gitignore - Makes working with .gitignore files easier
  • Live Server - A MUST: Launch a local development server with live reload, makes life so much easier when designing web apps/pages
  • Prettier - A code formatter to make your code easier to read
  • vscode-icons - This isn't necessarily a must have, but it certainly makes navigating files easier.

Other Tools#

  • Node.js - JavaScript runtime environment. Installing Node will also install npm, a package manager for Node.
  • Yarn Another package manager commonly used.
  • Codepen Maybe not quite a tool, but allows you to create projects on a browser rather quickly. Useful for experimenting or inspiration from others.